Candice and Michael talk about love relationship between Tyler and Caroline


It looks like that love relationships in The Vampire Diaries become more complex. We already have Stefan-Elena-Damon and Katherine square love. Then, the love triangle among Bonnie, Jeremy and Luca (potential love triangle possibility). And now Candice Accola and Michael Trevino talk to Zap2It's Carina McKenzie about the new love triangle (I really hope it's not blow my head off) among Matt, Tyler and Caroline.

How Caroline grows her concern and compassion toward Tyler and how this douchebag jock's reaction to her. And more intriguing is when Trevino says that Matt starts to suspicious about something. Especially about Caroline and Tyler and he is going to investigate something in several next episodes.

Well, go to Zap2It, read the interview and watch the video by yourself.


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