4 Reasons Why Bones Popular


Bones is one of my favorite TV Series. And I’m pretty sure that I’m not alone. According to Wikipedia, Episode Pilot of its first season was viewed by approximately 10 million viewers. And until this sixth season, there are 10 millions of viewers who are watching this TV Show.

Be careful! They are trying to read you!

So, why "Bones" becomes so popular? While we know that it’s not easy to watch decomposed corpses in various forms with maggots are eating their bones. Well, I’m figuring out several points:

1. Bones is funny.

Yes, it’s something obvious. While the other crime TV series usually choose a serious approach on their plots, Bones picks a comedy approach. There are many things that make this TV program becomes so funny. Dr. Brennan’s lack of pop culture references, and how she’s emotionally and socially under-development are several things that make "Bones" funny.
Relationship between Booth and Dr. Temperance is another thing, alongside with "the team squints".

2. Bones challenges our minds.

There are several sciences that commonly being used on the TV Series, among others are anthropology, psychology and pathology. When all characters quote or say those sciences terminology or simply utter their opinions about those sciences, it challenges us to think. Let’s say, Dr. Brennan doesn’t believe in psychology and says that it’s a weak science. I think it’s not only me who disagree with her. And probably not only me who argue in my mind about the reason that psychology isn’t a weak science.
I find that I’m challenged by how Booth uses his experience and skill to read people and plot scenarios. Although he doesn’t understand all those sciences’ terms, but he really great when it comes to read people. And I’m learning many things from his ability.

3. It has several heartwarming and heartbreaking moments

Well, like the other TV Series, Bones also has several heartwarming and heartbreaking moments. We could relate ourselves with one or several moments. How bitter Dr.Brennan was when she found that a person who dated with her was actually a suspect. Whereas, she thought that he was an interesting person and they were shared something in common.
That was sucked. And I think not only Dr. Brennan who has been caught in that kind of bad situation. Relationship between Booth and Bones also brings us many heartwarming and heartbreaking moments. Their relationship is complex. They are best friends, they are partners and yet they love each other. If we’re talking about love in this context, it has many layers.

4. Sometime it’s tense

Catch bad guys or serial killers, finding clues and crack symbols or secret codes are something thrilling. Gormogon, Howard Epps, the Grave Digger are just several characters who make us really curious, angry and annoyed. We want our favorite characters beat those villains. In one side, we are amazed with their cleverness, but in other side we really want these criminals pay for what they did to their victims.
Well, the list above just a few things why Bones popular.

Am I miss something? Or are there several things that you disagree with? Just say your opinions because I like to know your opinions.


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