Draw attention with Celebs' Fashion Styles


Many world celebrities become trendsetter in the fashion. Their unique and personal styles are be imitated by public, and become trends. After learned how celebrities' fashion stylists shared how they clients dress. This article could be an additional information for you.

As quoted from ViVANews, here eight celebrities' unique styles which develop into fashion trends:

Laurie Conrad, Beyonce and Leighton Meester

1. Tuxedo jacket
Indeed, Victoria Beckham is a champion in the fashion style. Just like her appearance with a tuxedo jacket which looks so awesome and attract attention from many people. So, for you who claim to be fashionista, the masculine jacket could be a choice to add your clothing collections. Combine it with jeans and shirts to give a casual impression. We could also combine it with mini dress to give a formal impression.

2. Light color ruffle

A talk show host, Kelly Ripa is known as a fashionable and perfectionist person. A combination between bright sleeveless yellow ruffle on the top with denim pant, make her look so chic.

3. Asymmetric belt

Belt has been a mainstay for a long time to give an accent to simple dresses. But Vanessa Hudgens successful to lure fashion lovers with her belt choices which have unique asymmetric design.
If you are interested in add belt on your collection, choose "safe" colors. Black or brown will leave a simple and elegant impression because the design already complicated enough.
Victoria Beckham, Kelly Ripa and Vanessa Hudgens

4. Denim Jacket

Nicole Richie also a fashion sophisticated celeb. She is so attract people's attention when she combines denim jacket with classic model with mini dress, legging and boot. Classic impression, but looks amazing with a modern outfit. She also get feminine and masculine impression too.

5. Vests

Olivia Palermo shows us how to use vest in various ways. She combines a black vest with fine-patterned top. She looks beautiful with short pant and flat shoes.

6. Formal casual

Lauren Conrad looks formal and casual. She is so clever when she combines short pant with unique cut with fine-patterned top. She still looks modest, even she wears a short pant.

7. Modern Plaid pattern

Plain pattern not only could be used by men. Women could also look gorgeous when they use plaid pattern. Just look Beyonce Knowles, she uses a mini dress shirt with unique plaid motive.
Nicole Richie and Olivia Palermo

8. Aztec pattern

A TV Series star from popular TV Show, Gossip Girl, Leighton Meester, looks fresh with an Aztec motive. Her dress is a collection of Matthew Williamson from H&M. This motive could create a cheerful and also elegant impression.


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