Michael Rosenbaum talked about come back to Smallville


Well, previously MyDailyPlanet posted that Smallville's producers still hold their hope that Michael Rosenbaum will be back for final episodes of Smallville. And the confirmation that Kristin won't be back as Lana Lang (read the news). But, as reported by Kryptonsite, Michael himself seemed not sure about this news. At least, he confirmed via his official twitter account that he hasn't discussed this issue yet with the Producers or anyone else.

Here's what Michael Rosenbaum posted from his @mrosenbaum711 account:

"Honestly don't know where people get their information from, but i haven't discussed Smallville with Producers or anyone in quite some time."
Update: Finally, Michael said "yes" and agreed to come back to Smallville. You can read  TVLine.com interview with Michael about this issue. 


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