Lea, Cory and Chris won't leave Glee


Lea Michelle, Cory Montheith and Chris Colfer might will not lose their jobs. Although Ryan Murphy, one of Glee creators recently announced the plan to write a storyline where their characters will have graduated after season 3, but executive producer Brad Falchuk said that they will show up on several episodes.

"They won't out from this TV Series before the third season over," Brad confirmed on Comic Con 2011 at San Diego. "Because they will have graduated, it doesn't mean that they will leave this show. If you have a contract with Lea Michelle, you can't just say, 'We will let you go'"

"We don't want they out," Brad added." They won't out before this season over."

Brad Falchuk also denied the rumor about additional series with New York as the setting, and Lea, Cory and Chris who will play the characters. "Indeed, we thought about the possibility, but the idea didn't continue," he explained. "We refused the idea. Indeed, we tried to develop it, but I think the idea won't be realized."


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