Setelah menyelesaikan season 7, The CW mengumumkan bahwa banyak pemirsa AS yang menginginkan Smallville dilanjutkan maka Smallville season 8 akan segera di buat. Serial ini akan diperbaharui bersamaan dengan serial-serial lain yang ditayangkan oleh The CW.

Berikut bunyi pengumuman resmi The CW :

THE CW MENGUMUMKAN SERIAL TELEVISI YANG AKAN DIPERBAHARUI: "Gossip Girl," "One Tree Hill," "Smallville,""Supernatural," "Everybody Hates Chris" And"America’s Next Top Model" akan kembali dengan season baru..

Burbank,California, 3 Maret 2008-The CW mengumumkan enam serial televisi baru-baru ini yang akan “disegarkan”, termasuk jaringan reality yang popular, AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL,empat drama dan satu komedi. Semua keenam serial ini akan kembali di musim gugur. AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL, acara jaringan The CW yang paling popular saat ini, akan kembali tayang dengan mega bintang Trya Bank untuk memasuki putaran ke 11 dan 12. Serial drama yang akan kembali termasuk serial popular tentang mahasiswa baru yang layak dibicarakanGOSSIP GIRL dan ONE TREE HILL, akan kembali untuk season keenam. Ketiga serial ini menempati ranking atas dalam pertunjukkan televisi untuk segmentasi penonton wanita berusia 18-34 tahun.

Pertunjukkan yang telah berlangsung lama setiap Kamis malam yaitu Smallville juga akan diperbaharui, itu berarti Smallville memasuki season ke 8, dan Supernatural, yang akan memasuki season keempat. Dengan tambahan, komedi yang mendapat kritikan hangat EVERYBODY HATES CHRIS akan kembali untuk season keempat

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Heroes News-Eriko Takamura

The CW Announces An Early Renewal: Smallville Season Eight Is A Go
The CW Network has announced the news that many of us have hoped for - there will be an eighth season of Smallville. The show was renewed alongside several other CW favorites.

Here is the official press release:

"Gossip Girl," "One Tree Hill," "Smallville,"
"Supernatural," "Everybody Hates Chris" And
"America’s Next Top Model" To Return Next Season

March 03, 2008 (Burbank, California) - The CW announced early pickups of six series today, including the network’s signature reality hit, AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL, four dramas and one comedy. All six series will return for the fall season.

The network’s most popular series, AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL will return with mega-star Tyra Banks for cycles 11 and 12. Returning dramas include the buzz-worthy freshman hit GOSSIP GIRL and ONE TREE HILL, returning for a sixth season. These three series are the top-ranked shows on television with a concentration of women 18-34 viewers.

Also renewed were the long-running Thursday night team of SMALLVILLE, which will begin its eighth season, and SUPERNATURAL, which will begin its fourth season. In addition, the critically acclaimed comedy EVERYBODY HATES CHRIS will return for season four.


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