Heroes Season 4 Volume 5 Episode 4 Acceptance Review


Tracy steps out of her tub, returns to her normal form and gets dressed. She goes to the restaurant where she meets the Governor.
In Japan just before 11:00, Kimiko tells Hiro that she is going to get married to Ando. Hiro is surprised to hear that they have been dating since high school. Kimiko tells Ando that Hiro gave them his blessings. Hiro tells Ando that he wants to right everything that is wrong. Ando tells him that his time traveling is killing him and he should tell Kimiko about it. Hiro gets a call on his Dial a Hero line and learns that one of his co-workers is about to jump. He goes up to the roof where Tadashi, an accountant, tells him that he needs a witness who will know he was there. The man says that he got fired, but suited up to pretend to go to work for the last few weeks. He says during last year’s party, he used a copy machine to copy his butt. His family found out and shamed him. Hiro offers Tadashi to go back and fix things for him. The man says that it is too late, then jumps.
In Washington, D.C., Angela visits Nathan to bring him a box full of items he used to own to help him remember his past, knowing that he has Sylar’s power to know an item’s history. She hands him a plane. He takes it and remembers it being played with in the back seat of a car. He picks up a hat and remembers the time when a woman was killed in a swimming pool.
Back at the restaurant, Tracy tells the Governor that she wants to work with him again.
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